{ BOTANICALS SCRUBBY BAG } Bath single use bag

Accessories MUST-TRY for your skincare routine

Description :
The herbalism Mixtures of the real Organic flowers and herbs with otherhigh organic essential nutrients like Chia seed, sea salt, and sodium bicarbonate (natural mineral natron) and so on.
Many benefits from scrubbing this once or twice a week or more will help :

  • Remove dead skin on your body like deep dark color lines on your neck or roung hands & elbows, will soften & soother skin texture or color.
  • Decrease uncontrollable cystic acne, itchy skin relief and helps maintain a healthy thyroid.
  • Reduce muscle pain and fatigue and mentally relaxing for bath with pure flowers scents.
  • The ideal treatment for skin detoxification from daily pullotion, toxin, dirty weather or unwanted dirts on surface.
  • As Natural Deodorant, for the longer time uses, will reduce the body-odor like underarms or feet.

This is the single use bag, Good for your own spa time, but can be use in the same week again for 2-3 times. Or keep it Dry as a beautiful scent pouch for your bath-time. (the smell will stay over 3 months or longer)


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