needs to ACTIVATE with liquid like water, toner or honey .

Uses as 1 part of dry Powder & 2 part of liquid in the small container.

Stir-well before applying over your face area ( avoid eyes area) with small face brush or your fingers. Leave in on for 10-15 mins or until the clay dried on skin. Then easily rinse it with warm water once, or/and last with cold water.  Uses  each for 1-3 times per week

note : for Matcha powder may be leave it on least than 5-8 mins if the cool feel enough effectively to your skin.

SHELF LIFE : { can be stored up to 24 months , with good storage in Dry form }

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  • BALANCE { Red Rose Clay }

Scent { earthly+ mild Rose } natural pure color, luxuriantly smooth to touch powder for face skin.

Benefit { Rebalancing dry, flaky skin, nourishing skin, Even out blotchy tone, reduce acne. High in silica & magnesium content, Increasing skin elasticity, lighting skin tone with organic Coco-milk powder }

Feature ingredients : * Red Moroccan clay, * White Kaolin clay, *Coconut powder. Rose essential.

  • REFRESH { Japanese Green tea }

Scent { Green tea+ mint } natural pure color, feel a bit cool down on your daily tired skin.

Benefit { Loosen clogged pores & damage from Sunlight, drawing deep impurities, Soften fine lines appearance of hyper pigmentation, Increase circulation & oxygenation to the surface of the skin }

Feature ingredients : *Green tea powder, *french Green Clay, *Aloe vera powder. peppermint essential

  • DETOX { Activated Charcoal }

Scent { Earthly + Eucalyptus } natural pure color, relaxing clearly for your deep breath

Benefit { Deep cleaning for acne, & Blackheads. Sweeping dirt away, Purify skin complexion, Balance Oily skin. Clear sinus }

Feature ingredients : Activated Charcoal. Bentonite clay. *Oat meal powder. Tea Tree & Eucalyptus essentials

Additional information


Cocoa Mango, Green tea Peppermint, Rosy Roses


30 g.


** Uses and Keeps in DRY & COOL area. DO NOT ADD liquid directly into the powder form. PLease Place Away from water area when opened the Jar and ALWAYS have the lid back on.

{ Most of our ingredients come from high quality NATURAL sources. They are subjected to a normal range of variations in color, texture & aroma. These variations can be due to Origins, temperature season or others. The difference from batch to batch are not regarded as defected on the product quality.